Sewer Collection

Sewer Collection FAQ's

What is Sewer Collection?

- Sewer Collection is the collection and distribution of waste water from a residence into the public sewer collection system.
Why is my sewer backing up?
- There are many potential reasons for a sewer backing up.  The most common reasons are: root intrusion, collapsed sewer lateral, grease clog, and excessive bathroom tissue or wipes.
- Remember the 4 P's of Flushing: (Pee, Poo, Puke, Paper).

What should I do if my sewer backs up?
- Immediately call a plumber to determine the cause.

Pipe Bursting FAQ's

Why did my pipes burst?
-The primary cause of pipe bursting is old age and corrosion.  Other factors can be a sudden burst of pressure (water hammer), tree roots, accidents (ex: running over a meter box), and extreme, rapid, changes in temperature.
What should I do if my pipe bursts?
- Immediately call a plumber, and then call the Town of Thunderbolt at (912) 354-5533.